freelance rates

writing & editing services

proofreading, copyediting, basic QA only$0.03/wd for self-publishers, $0.10 for established companies
content / developmental editing, restyling $0.05/wd for self-publishers, $0.12 for established companies
translation (Spanish to English)$0.10-$0.15/wd, based on difficulty
basic copywriting$0.10/wd
character, setting, story or game writing (credited)$0.15/wd + royalties & credit if published
ghostwriting (uncredited)$0.25/wd
language design (constructed languages for fantasy settings)$100-$250 flat quote per project + royalties & credit if published
original twines or generators$15/hr, or flat quote per project
conversion of documents from one format to another
(blog post to formatted pdf, short story to Twine, etc)
$15/hr, minimum of $5
transcription of audio to text$1 per audio minute + $0.05/wd for text editing
consultant / sensitivity reading for:
autism, queerness, mental illness & trauma, neopaganism,
nonbinary transmasculinity, and setting accuracy.
$30/hr or custom flat rate per project
I will not consult for any project that is not either run by a person of color or employing at least two people of color to consult as well. I will not be part of any hired team consisting of a white majority. If I am offered a sole hired position on a white-owned project, I will insist that a person of color be hired instead, or that two be hired alongside me. I will include people of color first whenever gathering people to work on a project. I will price my services in accordance with the minimum requirements listed in this document, in solidarity.

other services

tarot readings (online)$1/card + $1/spread, $15 celtic cross, $20 larger spread
tarot readings (in person)$30/hr + travel
DM / GM for hire (in person)$200 flat rate for 4hr session + travel + materials
DM / GM for hire (streaming or podcasting)$160 flat rate for 4hr max, +$50/hr over 4hrs
streaming/podcasting appearances$80 flat rate for 4hr max, +25/hr over 4hrs
paneling, speaking, teaching, or performance (in person)$200 to appear (4hrs max) + travel + accommodations + board
ordained multi-faith officiant / ritual facilitator for hire$50/hr + $100 to appear + travel + supplies
spellcraftpriced per request
advice or tutoring$20/hr

All rights reserved to alter rates in response to the value & difficulty of the work.
Ask about solidarity discounts & pro bono work for marginalized people.
I am also open to work trades.