5e resource — popularity of race/class combos

any reason you might wanna know which are the most and least popular types of characters? maybe trying to play something unique, or wanting to create builds that have mass appeal? i broke down some other folks’ breakdowns of stats on race and class from d&d beyond. i’m using this to guide my hand in creating characters for my upcoming playbooks, HEARTS ARDENT and MINOR FATES / MINOR FAULTS. have at thee.


here’s a pdf version of the thing i made into a generator a while back, an expansion of the Deck of Many things from D&D 5e made to fill out a tarot deck of 78 cards. it’s intended to be a part of the ARDENTS module, but it works on its own just fine. there’s an npc in there too if you feel like keeping her.

if you need a tarot deck to use at the table … or just need a cool tarot deck … i recommend the Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar. it’s the inspiration for the one described.

ARDENTS OF ELUM combat tracker v1.0

i created this tool to alleviate some of the headache of being a first-time DM, like myself — or a seasoned player, like my group — when trying to keep track of combat, especially in fights where a map is not used. it is tuned to my campaign, my players and DMing style, but is easily adaptable for universal 5e use.

this is a read-only pdf, intended to function as a printed physical sheet. it can be used with pencil and paper, but works best as a laminated wet-erase board.

ARDENTS OF ELUM inventory tracker v1.0

this 4-page pdf document is a tool i made to simplify inventory tracking in a loot-heavy game, for players who may not share the same … enthusiasm … i have for inventory management in gaming. it is tailored for the ARDENTS module, but can be easily integrated into any 5e game that desires a similar management system.

this is a read-only pdf, intended to function as a pencil and paper document.