i’m working on a citycrawl mini-adventure based on real events that occurred in my campaign, which i plan to submit to the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam, and i decided to publish my city map to allow for further expansion of the adventure.

if you are a cartographer and would like to offer your services to redraw this map, i am interested in your rates. please email to inquire.

this map is free for use in home campaigns and with credit on hobbyist streams/podcasts. please seek permission and give credit before using or referencing this map in any monetized content, and please let me know if you witness any uncredited use, or any appearance of my material in content that is bigoted in any way. if you use it, show me! you don’t have to, but i’d love to see.


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these are both dead air at the moment, and i’m not the best at keeping up with discord chats.
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stay tuned also, because i’d eventually like to run a text-driven campaign and i’ll want people to play.

ARDENTS OF WAYMOUTH campaign blog!

summary writeups for my table game will now be posted here, under the category “waymouth campaign”.


In a hidden bay where the Docile Way river meets the tides of the vast Penitent Sea, between gentle hills dotted with farms, at the northeastern edge of the continent Sedessa, lies a bustling metropolis of artisans and sailors; the city of Waymouth. Named for the estuary at its downtown heart, Waymouth is the second-largest city on the continent. Its patron is the goddess Mirua, the Coldmother, benevolent bringer of death. An enormous statue is the tallest thing seen from outside the city walls, the elk-antlered visage of Mirua herself, positioned as a lighthouse along the shore, rising up from an ancient sculpted castle keep. Waymouth is loosely governed by a joint association of the Merchants’ Guild and the Coldmother’s Temple, who keep the peace without declaring ownership over the land. The city has been without war for nearly 200 years.

The land of Sedessa is a northern subarctic continent, dominated by rainforests and marshes. The western third is home to rainshadow deserts and high steppes trapped between razor peaks. The eastern two-thirds is half covered with dense rainforest; most of the rest is high mountain terrain, largely inhospitable. A deep network of caves known as the Hinterward lies beneath the Cassis Mountains, sheltering an ancient civilization which is still recovering from a past of interspecies slavery. East of the Hinterward is a dangerous wetland populated largely by the grung, sapient amphibians with short lifespans who are hunted by the giant watercats after which the region is named. The expansive forest to the south, the Hale Swath, is a land where feyfolk and animals far outnumber humanoids as citizens. It is a place of peace and refuge. The coast just south of the Swath, however, is home to the perpetually warring lizardfolk and yuan-ti. In the middle lies the Scrape, a long shallow bay so named for its impassability to even the smallest ships, at the heart of which is a prospering undersea city. The eastern mountaintops house the isolationist eyries of the aarakocra, while the cold wastes atop the Cassis are home only to goliath, ogres, orcs and trolls. On Tanaraq Island reside the northern goliath and snow elves.

Sedessan cities are cosmopolitan, each home to a dizzying variety of sentient beings living together in close proximity. Certain racial hatreds exist, but for the most part, each kind of life is used to the others. Gender and sexuality varies so much between cultures and species that it is unimportant to most. Planar boundaries are thin here, so in addition to the variety of earthly life, the fey, celestial, infernal, and elemental all pass through with regularity, mostly as tourists. Demons and angels are the ambassadors of chaos and order, rather than good or evil; though antithetical, they share a truce when in the earthbound lands. Because the gods appear in the world and show their influence regularly, religion is not a matter of belief, but of devotion (or lack thereof) to certain gods and associated practices.


Szark, lizardfolk ranger/barbarian (she/her), accomplished bowhunter (Session 1 – current)
Daelin Greenthumb, halfling druid (he/him, they/them), extraplanar amnesiac (Session 1 – current)
Turnip, companion of Daelin, white wolfdog who apparently used to be an awakened direwolf (Session 1 – current)
Mynah, kenku monk (she/her), survivor of a destroyed monastery (Session 1 – 2)
Lily, sprite wild magic sorcerer (she/her), fey trickster with a mysterious past (Session 3 – current)


Brynn Heck, redheaded middle-aged gnomish lesbian bartender. could take a break anytime but never seems to.
Feuerstein, ginger-bearded dwarven woman, Grand Artificer of living metals. smokes a lot of weed and wears no shoes.
Audely Fain-Falast, adopted goliath daughter of rich elves, owner of the block, married to Feuerstein, Dae Jia & Buck.
Burgunu, burly orcish dishwasher/waiter/bouncer/whatever. takes breaks whenever his boyfriend comes in.
Fanil Fessur, aforementioned boyfriend. dark-skinned human from Delse. very small. straight black hair in a pompadour.
Veil, goblin rogue with impeccable goth fashion. one of Audely’s retainers, handles subtle matters and security.
Ellie-Emma, kobold seamstress and designer, another of Audely’s retainers, who handles business and house matters.
Sis, young kenku who serves as Audely’s personal valet. speaks in Veil’s voice, sounds like a text-to-speech program.
Artina Lute Eye, anxious autistic tabaxi who runs the High Heart Riders Livery & Post. small, ocelot coat, blue eyes.
Dae Jia Hahn, absentee owner of High Heart Riders, wild elfling, most recent of the four wives who own the block together.
Buck, halfling barbarian, mercenary veteran, wife of Audely from before they met Feuerstein and Dae Jia.
Senza Sordino, human violinist, Audely’s old school friend, performs with her weekly at the tavern. blonde sidebraid.
Fee Annandell, level 0 paladin-in-training, naive rich kid, bad stats, knows one spell, hates herself, lots of gold.
Sauce, a very good horse who’s had a shitty couple of days so far.
Sanator Peat Hennessey, lightfoot halfling cleric of Sanator, runs a healing kiosk next door. gay & stressed.
Sona Melkin, lightfoot halfling rogue, petty robber and general neighborhood shithead.


here’s a pdf version of the thing i made into a generator a while back, an expansion of the Deck of Many things from D&D 5e made to fill out a tarot deck of 78 cards. it’s intended to be a part of the ARDENTS module, but it works on its own just fine. there’s an npc in there too if you feel like keeping her.

if you need a tarot deck to use at the table … or just need a cool tarot deck … i recommend the Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar. it’s the inspiration for the one described.


WAYMOUTH is a harbor city, the second largest on the continent of Sedessa (and maybe in the whole world.) It is historically a city of joint commerce between the societies of gnomes, elves, halflings, humans and dwarves, but in recent centuries has widened its scope to include representatives of every folk among its count.
The city is most known abroad for its teeming harbor, its waterwheel technologies, and the massive marble statue and temple complex known as the Seamless Keep.

ARDENTS OF ELUM combat tracker v1.0

i created this tool to alleviate some of the headache of being a first-time DM, like myself — or a seasoned player, like my group — when trying to keep track of combat, especially in fights where a map is not used. it is tuned to my campaign, my players and DMing style, but is easily adaptable for universal 5e use.

this is a read-only pdf, intended to function as a printed physical sheet. it can be used with pencil and paper, but works best as a laminated wet-erase board.

ARDENTS OF ELUM inventory tracker v1.0

this 4-page pdf document is a tool i made to simplify inventory tracking in a loot-heavy game, for players who may not share the same … enthusiasm … i have for inventory management in gaming. it is tailored for the ARDENTS module, but can be easily integrated into any 5e game that desires a similar management system.

this is a read-only pdf, intended to function as a pencil and paper document.