a homebrew module for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition, currently under development and playtesting. all ARDENTS content and wording that is not part of wizards of the coast or others’ properties is (c) fenced forest media 2019.

ARDENTS OF WAYMOUTH is the first playtest of the module, currently running as a table game in Seattle. fenced forest media plans to release digital lorebooks, custom rulesets, and full adventures to flesh out this setting, culminating in a full drop-in playable world for 5e, and eventually some hacks of indie systems.

primary motivations of the module are queer escapism, transformative rejection of colonial & racist narratives, examining the reasons people resort to violence, and deep exploration of setting and character with a focus on culture. influences include the works of ursula k. le guin and octavia butler, as well as friends at the table, critical role, the adventure zone, the broadswords, hunter x hunter, mushi-shi, final fantasy and other jrpgs, fire emblem, stardew valley, miyazaki films, and martial arts films. it seeks to emphasize slice-of-life storytelling and social science fiction optimism alongside the violence inherent in the mechanics of the game and provide complex reasons and consequences for that violence, rewarding nonviolent solutions whenever possible. characters are presented as a wide array of people coexisting peacefully in an urban space where, though social problems and some degree of prejudice and oppression do exist, there is currently no war or colonization, nations, or closed borders. almost everyone is paid fairly for work and has their basic needs met. immigrants are welcome everywhere. all sexualities, species, ethnicities, genders and religious practices are accepted in general society.

materials pertaining to the ARDENTS module will be posted here as they are completed. content may range anywhere from perchance generators to maps and full pdf documents. some of this material is likely to eventually be removed from this site and uploaded to dm’s guild for paid download, at which point links to those downloads will be posted in the shop.

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