so the short version is, i do not like wordpress as a blogging platform at all. it’s fine to be my website for now, but the more i find myself wanting to have a blog to contain all my dev updates & thoughts on games and thoughts on general stuff, the more i find myself just not bothering with it.

and don’t even get me started on patreon posts. apologies to my two whole patrons for the lack of promised updates on that platform. but you follow my twitter anyway. patreon’s great if you have a big following and get money from it but as a social media platform it DRAGS.

thankfully, someone JUST NOW created personaljournal.ca, which is sparse and simple and beautiful and everything i need it to be. so if i’m blogging, i’ll be blogging there.

you can still find me overactive on twitter and itch like always. now i have a fighting chance at keeping a regular blog! which you can find here!

thanks for being rad folks, i love y’all.

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