website reorganization!

first of all, now leads to a carrd page with all my major links.

this site should be a lot more navigable now. this one is secondary; i have most of my important links on my site. most of what will go here are files that don’t belong on itch, and media posts that can’t go on my ramble blog. i have yet to find a website design platform that gives me enough of what i want to justify paying for it.


so the short version is, i do not like wordpress as a blogging platform at all. it’s fine to be my website for now, but the more i find myself wanting to have a blog to contain all my dev updates & thoughts on games and thoughts on general stuff, the more i find myself just not bothering with it.

and don’t even get me started on patreon posts. apologies to my two whole patrons for the lack of promised updates on that platform. but you follow my twitter anyway. patreon’s great if you have a big following and get money from it but as a social media platform it DRAGS.

thankfully, someone JUST NOW created, which is sparse and simple and beautiful and everything i need it to be. so if i’m blogging, i’ll be blogging there.

you can still find me overactive on twitter and itch like always. now i have a fighting chance at keeping a regular blog! which you can find here!

thanks for being rad folks, i love y’all.


i’m working on a citycrawl mini-adventure based on real events that occurred in my campaign, which i plan to submit to the Pamphlet Dungeon Jam, and i decided to publish my city map to allow for further expansion of the adventure.

if you are a cartographer and would like to offer your services to redraw this map, i am interested in your rates. please email to inquire.

this map is free for use in home campaigns and with credit on hobbyist streams/podcasts. please seek permission and give credit before using or referencing this map in any monetized content, and please let me know if you witness any uncredited use, or any appearance of my material in content that is bigoted in any way. if you use it, show me! you don’t have to, but i’d love to see.


if you like this map or any of my other content, please consider supporting my patreon at the $1/mo level, or tipping directly to my thank you so much!

Folklore Jam / Not A Game Jam submissions live!

all we know are the things we have learned.
is an exploration of cultural assumptions through roleplay.
it has been submitted to Folklore Jam 2019.

there is no such thing an an empty field.
is an open-ended worldbuilding game that asks players to examine the influence of their own cultural assumptions on their creative choices.
it has been submitted to Not A Game Jam Game Jam.

both files are now available from on a pay-what-you-can basis, with a suggested price of $1 each.


ARDENTS OF ELUM — for anything pertaining to the ARDENTS module, worldbuild, or campaigns.


these are both dead air at the moment, and i’m not the best at keeping up with discord chats.
but hey. maybe someday there’ll be a community. ^^;

stay tuned also, because i’d eventually like to run a text-driven campaign and i’ll want people to play.